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Tisanes that love you back... 

health explanations

Your well being is in the heart of our creations. We understand that nature provides for us and our aim is to help you open the door to your inner health self. Before we drank tea, coffee and coca bean products, we drank Tisanes; seasonal beverage infusions, often with medicinal health benefits. The seasonality of nature provides us with the right things at the right time. Whilst we are not medically, herbologically or scientifically making any claims, we have experience of the following benefits from our creations;

Limes (Mojito)

The great British namesake (limeys) was due to the health properties it provides: treatment of gum disease, packed with vitamin C for skin care (to make collagen) and urinary disorders

Stingling Nettle (Nettle, Nettle with Mint)

The British Green Tea (our answer) - Popeye juice - it boosts energy, cleans your blood, liver & kidneys, and provides a rich source of vitamins A, C, Iron, potassium, maganese and calcium.

Lemon (Lemon with Ginger Root)

Helps to destroy kidney stones, and reduces body temperature (a great hot summer drink). Kills germs as antiseptic, hence you eat it with fish and last night take away meal.

Mint (Mojito, Nettle with Mint, Chamomile with Mint)

Speeds digestion & reduces sickness, freshens breath and a pep up.

Chamomile (Chamomile, Chamomile with Mint)

Boosts immunity whilst politely takes the edge of things - a natural sedative

Ginger Root (Lemon with Ginger Root)

Settles sickness, prevents virus' and reduces swellings -Anti-viral and Anti-inflammatory


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