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Our Way of Life...

We are a family run small holding in Buckinghamshire and are intention is to create a patch work of growers, operating micro farms across the British nation.

The patch work nature of Flower Patch Farm allows you to enjoy the benefits of the widest seasonal selection with the greatest supply possible.

     Integrity, authenticity and commitment

We are passionate about nature and our future.  We have embraced the principals of biodynamic farming and truly believe that the care that we take of our land reflects in the nation's well being.

Nature, happiness, peace

 We also believe that nature provides the best larder naturally. Therefore, we take a lot of inspiration for our blends directly from nature, with traditional flavours known to compliment each other, to more unusual and complex beverages which we hope will delight you and your body. As we work in harmony with nature, all of our blends are seasonal with delicate tisanes such as English Rose with Lavender in the Summer and warm, comforting tisanes such as Spiced Orange and Lemon with Ginger in the winter.

Harmony, health, seasonal change

In addition to the tisanes, we are delighted to offer a range of iced beverage mixes which can be served with either sparkling water or as a twist on the traditional cocktails with Champagne or spirit as appropriate. Each variety of iced beverage comes with a suggested mixer, however, the combinations are open to personal preference.

Opening new doors with the nation's favourite beverage


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